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Teach For America took a big step toward becoming an “enduring institution” today when it announced the establishment of a $100M endowment.
Check out the full story covered by the Associated Press.
There’s one interesting paragraph that doesn’t feel in line with Teach For America’s approach… the article seems to pit TFA against teachers unions:
It’s also likely to be unwelcome news for teachers’ unions and other opponents, who say Teach For America puts inexperienced 20-somethings with just five weeks of training in classrooms and most of them move on after their two years of service. Some have criticized it as an organization that lets top graduates experiment in public education for a couple of years before moving on to something else.
What do you think?

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Jan 24 2011

No Silver Bullets for Education


In her new book out today, Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach For America, describes the lessons learned from 20 years in the education reform business: The achievement gap can be closed, and there’s nothing elusive about what it will take. The book, A Chance to Make History (link to Amazon), offers evidence that we truly can work toward the…

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Hang Glider Dollar

Teach For America will increase the size of the corps 80% by 2014 with a $50 million investment from the Department of Education via the Investing in Innovation (i3) grant program. At first glance, it also seems that Teach For America will need to secure a private sector match for these funds, which would bring…

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Jun 23 2010

Celebrating Success

I’ve seen many students come into my classroom that see themselves as academic failures. Some give up without even a single attempt because it’s “too hard,” and in many cases these frustrations manifest into challenge behaviors — many students adopt the mentality that it’s better to be seen as the class clown as opposed to…

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Jun 07 2010

Letting it Go

The latest news about education has not been very happy. Washington et al. and state governments are engaged in vicious skirmishes with various education unions regarding tenure, effective rating methodologies for teachers, and drastic budget cuts that are going to cut enrichment opportunities for youth across the nation. But that’s not what this post is…

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May 10 2010

Call it a Comeback

I’ve been ingesting a lot of news lately as a result of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Crude oil has officially reached my favorite beach, oysters are in short supply, and the price of shrimp has shot up faster than the humidity. And as much as I love Louisiana Seafood, I love a…

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Apr 25 2010

Vote in New York paves way to TFA M.Ed.

Programs like Teach For America can now develop their own master’s degree program in New York after a vote last Tuesday. The new policy allows alternative programs to train their teachers, and the Board of Regents will award a degree to those successfully completing the program. In return for this opportunity, degree recipients must commit…

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Apr 15 2010

Passing the Test in Boston

Late last year, the US News & World Report ranked Massachusetts second in the nation for having some of the top high schools. So for many it came as quite a surprise to hear that last year marked Teach For America’s introduction of an initial corps of 50 teachers (supplementing an additional 650 alumni) into the heavily…

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Mar 05 2010

Help us build TFAnews

A quick search today on Google News for the phrase “teach for america” returns 3,891 stories. Oh wait. Now it’s 3,895. And that’s just the news search. The blog search returns… well you get the idea. The point is there’s a lot of people out there writing things about Teach For America. This blog is…

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